Dream Escape | 200g


Dream Escape 是我們品牌的signature scent,混合了海洋和花香精油,帶出夢幻迷離的感覺。


非常適合夜晚享受ME TIME 的時候使用,在獨自看一本書的時候,在享受着泡泡浴的時候,在聆聽着自己喜歡的歌的時候。




Product Details: 

Mysterious, Magical, Creative

Scent family: spicy floral

About the scent:

Dream Escape is the iconic blend from the house of Joirmé, personifying excitement and mystery. We keep the notes a secret and want to invite you to this journey of endearment. This scent is inspired by the beautiful and magical night sky of the 

Mediterranean Sea, creating an atmosphere of curiosity and intrigue. Use it to create the big world and any problems feel smaller.

When do we light this candle: 

This candle is perfect for when you dream and make plans for your life/work, engage in creative activities such as painting, or whenever you need a bit of magic in the room. The dream escape scent makes the room sparkle. We should never stop believing in magic.

Product details: 

A candle handcrafted with soy-based wax blend and braided cotton wick in a white frosted glass tumbler

Wax origin: USA and Japan 
Net weight: 200g. Approximately 40 hour burn time.
Suggested room size: 150 sq. ft per 200g candle