Ambre Noir | 200g


Amber Noir 是和暖的木香,就像走進了冬天森林裏,聞到大自然的味道。





Product details: 

Amber, Cypress, Cedarwood

Scent family: warm woody

About the scent:

Rest, relax and reset from the strains of daily life, this candle’s woodsy, warm, and cozy upholds its name Ambre Noir with an uplifting aroma of cypress and cedarwood. It evokes the sensations of a forest setting, bestowing a soothing and refreshing ambiance. Combined with the warm and powdery scent of amber, Ambre Noir sets the mood for a calm and quiet evening. 

When do we light this candle: 

This candle is ideal for a cozy and laid-back evening. Light it in your bedroom or living room, cozy up underneath your blanket while watching your favorite show or reading a book. We promise you a peaceful and relaxing evening. Pro tip: a glass of wine will be the perfect pairing for this candle too!-just saying

Product details: 

A candle handcrafted with soy-based wax blend and braided cotton wick in a white frosted glass tumbler

Wax origin: USA and Japan 
Net weight: 200g. Approximately 40 hour burn time.
Suggested room size: 150 sq.ft per 200g candle