Discover the #MeTimeMagic

Our collection of private blend home fragrances evokes dreamy memories of the south of Europe, blue seas, golden sunshine and country gardens.We design home fragrance products for you to enjoy your precious me-time through the muse of dreamy scents. 

The idea is simple: It is all about me! Spending time with ourselves is never selfish. It is self-love! - The type of love that we tend to forget about. 

The beautiful scents will turn any room into a magical and enjoyable space for you to relax, re-centre and recharge. After a long day, we promise ourselves never forget to Joirmé (enjoy myself)!  

Joirmé means “enjoy myself”- something we should never forget to do!

 The Joirmé 2-hour therapy:

Whenever you light a Joirmé candle, we recommend you to burn the candle for at least 2 hours to make sure the wax is melted across the surface and optimize the fragrance. It’s the perfect excuse to put aside that 2 hours a day to yourself. 

Light a Joirmé candle, take a bath, read a book, have a glass of wine, do whatever makes you happy within that 2 hours. We promise you that you will feel more positive and energetic after you decide to love yourself with a bit of me-time every day! #metimemagic 

The Joirme quality: 

Joirmé candles are made with our custom blend of soy-based wax formulae to ensure the candles burn evenly and effectively. We import premium quality wax from the US and Japan with all candles hand-crafted individually.