Florence | 200g


Florence 在意大利語”Firenze” 是鮮花之都的意思,同時結合浪漫和藝術的城市。



香味非常獨特,推介喜歡花香的客戶非常值得一試, 帶有神秘而優雅的朦朧仙氣。



Product details: 

Magnolia , Blackberry, Sandalwood

Scent family: floral

Florence in Italian "Firenze" means the capital of flowers, a city that combines romance and art at the same time.

Florence scented candles are inspired by the fond memories of weddings, make a promise in the sacred Cathedral of Flowers, and share with you the romance of walking in the city of Florence🌹

Florence uses the elegant and white Magnolia as the main note, and then blends into the fresh blueberry fruit fragrance, and finally uses the soft Rosewood as the back note. The delicate wood smell is full of light and elegant floral fragrance, which makes everyone feel full An urban scent with art and history.

The scent is very unique, and it is worth a try for customers who like floral scents, with a mysterious and elegant hazy fairy air.

Product details: 

A candle handcrafted with soy-based wax blend and braided cotton wick in a white frosted glass tumbler

Wax origin: USA and Japan 
Net weight: 200g. Approximately 40 hour burn time.
Suggested room size: 150 sq.ft per 200g candle