Orange Blossoms | 200g


Orange blossom 是的花語有祝福的意思,這個香氣帶有幸福和愉悦的感覺。





Product details: 

Orange Blossoms, Lily of the Valley, Cedarwood

Scent family: citrusy floral

About the scent:

Relive the vivid memories of holidays and summer travels. From the flora that lines paradise island's beaches with sun-kissed orange blossoms and sweet cedar, all enhanced by delicate floral notes of lily from the valleys. Pure delight, uplifting with an air of luxury. Transform any room with an atmosphere of luxury and opulence. 

When do we light this candle: 

Orange blossoms have been used for centuries to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality. We use this candle to wind down, relax and uplift any mood. Light this candle at night whenever you want to wind down or while you are taking a bath. We can not think of a better way to end a manic day. 

Orange blossom flowers also represent good fortune. This warm and relaxing floral scented candle will make the perfect gift for friends and family. Wishing them good luck and promoting tranquility.  

Product details: 

A candle handcrafted with soy-based wax blend and braided cotton wick in a white frosted glass tumbler

Wax origin: USA and Japan 
Net weight: 200g. Approximately 40 hour burn time.
Suggested room size: 150 sq.ft per 200g candle